Why Black Ice Diamonds?




Black Ice Diamonds are only the finest, pure, natural black diamonds. Black Ice Diamond Jewelry Collection consists of highly polished, multi-faceted, 100% guaranteed genuine black diamonds that are not dyed or irritated and are specifically chosen for consistent color, size and reflectivity to assure a brilliant, dramatic sparkle. 
Each piece is expertly crafted, meticulously strung and beautifully clasped in 14K white gold and comes with our Black Ice Certificate of purity, and a lifetime guarantee against fading or breaking.


These pure, natural black diamonds are found in just two places on our earth – Brazil and the Central Africa Republic!


Each strand of Black Ice Diamonds are carefully designed with the most important reason of all; The fashionable woman; The woman is the subject that all Black Ice Diamonds are carefully designed for. It is not by accident that each strand of Black Ice gently tapers from front to back. The diamonds in the center are, on average, .3 millimeters larger than the diamonds in the back of the strand, This allows for correct weight distribution, balance and the subtle design element that displays the true class of the finest of black diamond necklaces.

Don’t accept dyed, irradiated substitutes, insist on BLACK ICE DIAMONDSTM





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